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Our Mission

Venture HUB is a borderless community of entrepreneurs and founders from anywhere in the world. While top 1% founders have available resource to deploy, the rest of 99% entrepreneurs do not, and often, they fail.

We believe that, everyone can build their own venture and create wealth with their core power, as long as they have access to resources and know how to utilize them. And – that is why Venture HUB is born. We enable entrepreneurs to consistently and persistently work toward their startup goal and wealth goal with our resources in venture education, continuous support and media.

Venture HUB is currently being operated under the umbrella of Friends For Impact, Inc., a 501(c)3 organization in New York. 

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Failure is most common thing for startups – about 90% of startups fail. Statistics show that, about 10% of startups fail within the first year. According to CBInsights, top 3 reasons why startups fail are:

  • The number one reason is due to misreading market demand – 42% of cases.
  • The second largest reason is due to running out of funding and personal money – 29% of cases.
  • The third reasons is a weak founding team or founders’ breakup – 23% of cases. 

Let’s change that.

Solution: Global EIRs Program

The Program focuses on helping Entrepreneurs address the first two Why FAIL, so they could be well aware and well prepared, learn their lessons, and be able to derive right strategies and build their own system to sustain their business.

  1. Misreading market demand.
  2. Running out of cash.

As for the third reason, we believe that a team is not required in our Global EIR Program, as solopreneurs do work well. Having a compatible team is great, but having an unsuitable team is worse. Unless our entrepreneurs have the need to team up, team is not required.

Step 1 - Understand your Goals

Your Goals
  1. Why do you want to build the business, i.e. what do you want to achieve in terms of Profit, Passion, Purpose? What about your Wealth goal?
  2. What is your Core Power to build the business successfully, i.e. you can survive, sustain and scale?
  3. Who will help you to build the business, i.e. partners, industry experts, mentors? 
  4. How do you plan to build the business? i.e. strategy, roadmap, exit, generational wealth?
  5. Do you plan to scale the business beyond your border? and How? 
Our Aim
  1. You have a clear Why.
  2. You have a clear Mindset, self awareness of your current Core Power, and willing to upgrade your Core Power to align with your business.
  3. You can build out a Network of Mentors and Experts to help you.
  4. You can build your own system of  Strategies, and can execute to reach your Startup roadmap and Wealth goal.
  5. You want to scale your business beyond your border.

Step 2 - Strategy on Not-to-Fail

The classic Strategy on Not-to-Fail is Sales (revenue generating), Recurring Sales (cashflow generating), and More Recurring Sales (correct market demand, i.e. more and more customers want your product). 

We require every entrepreneur to be able to sell their own products. If you can’t sell Your Own Product, who can?

Crowdfunding has all key qualities for entrepreneurs to practice their Sales skills and build their Sales system in a “nuance” approach, compared to traditional Sales style. This is particularly true for introvert entrepreneurs. 

Top 3 reasons:

  • Writing content for a Crowdfunding campaign helps you structure your thoughts around your own Story and How to brand your product/business, and gain better understanding on Sales & Marketing with specific goal of $$.
  • You could leverage Crowdfunding campaign to figure out the right market demand, test your product and raising funds $$ to launch it.
  • Crowdfunding is a “soft” starting point for you to build a “community of backers” from strangers, going beyond your “friends, family and fools” circle. After the campaign ends, you can continue to raise funds, reach new audiences, and monitor market demands. The best approach is to convert new audiences into loyal customers and ambassadors who will be willing to support and promote your business to their circles in a longer run.

As per our research, 1 in 3 begin their small business with less than $5,000Recent research has shown the most expensive small businesses and startups to launch are restaurants, medical offices, and manufacturing companies, needing more than $100,000 to get started. Meanwhile, startups in accounting, online retail, construction, and landscaping were most likely to get started with under $5,000 in startup costs. 

In our Program, entrepreneurs can set the fundraising target of $$ as much as they want, but we require you to raise a minimum of $5,000

So, our Strategy is not about how much $$ you could raise. Our Strategy is for you to be able to “create your own system“, by training your own Mind and building your Core Power that aligned with your business, which in turn will help you Not to Fail in a longer run.


  1. Misread market demand.
  2. Run out of money.


  1. Determine right market demand.
  2. Start small to gain traction. Target at $5,000. Do not burn money.


  1. Monitor market demand. Retest over time.
  2. Replicate recurring revenue stream. Target at MRR > $10,000, or ARR > $100,000.

Step 3: Find Experts who can help you

Execution Strategy requires entrepreneurs to work on 10 key steps below: 

  1. Build your Founder-Market Fit Story based on your Core Power and Credibility.
  2. Build your Crowdfunding strategy with “Must-be-Deliverable” products and “Dual Goals” – to fundraise and to read market demand. 
  3. Build your Pitch about “Why you? Why now? Why this product”; and Practice-Practice-Practice.
  4. Learn how to use AI-powered tools to produce videos and content for branding and marketing purposes.
  5. Practice Personal marketing tactics by driving traffic from your social media channels to your crowdfunding campaign.
  6. Learn how to run Email marketing from your built-in mailing list with your Pitch video and content, using certain tech tools.
  7. Monitor your Crowdfunding and answer questions with “Customer-centric” mindset. Make sure those backers will become your Ambassador along the way. 
  8. Follow-up with any feedback on product, clarify and verify to make sure those observed tractions reflect accurate market demand.
  9. Refine and redesign, where needed, based on accurate market demand.
  10. Use the fund raised from the campaign to build the product (MVP) and launch it.

Step 4: Launch your business as Global EIR

If you think our strategy can help you not to fail, join our Global EIR Program

Briefly, our Global EIR Program provides strategies, on-the-job training and hand-holding with experts and requires entrepreneurs to launch their business successfully by actively running a crowdfunding campaign and building a minimum viable product simultaneously. Entrepreneurs need to continuously monitor market demand, raise public awareness and gain public support to prepare for next phase after Launch, i.e. Commercialization phase.

The Program is a not-for-profit training partnership between Venture HUB with CUNY Universities – Tech Incubator at Queens CollegeMedgar Ever College School of Business, Open Avenue Foundation – a 501(c)3 organization for Global Talents & Experts, and Friends for Impact – a 501(c)3 Fundraising Network, New York, USA.

Why FAIL within the first 5 years?

As per our research, 70% startups fail within the year two to year five. Besides those Top 3 reasons aforementioned, main reasons are being beaten by competition, pricing/cost issues, user-unfriendly products, poor marketing, and product mistiming. 

In those economic downturn cycles, even those businesses who have been around for long also fail due to liquidity issues and cash flow problems. Fundera reported that 82% of businesses failed in 2023.

Membership for Continuous Support

Our Membership Plan focuses on helping you continuously monitor your business, from Pricing strategy, Branding & Marketing, Cash Flow & Financial Literacy to Fundraising & Pitching Practice. 

Your membership support is also one way of paying forward to empower others. It is being used for covering operating cost of Venture HUB, and also partially donated to Friends For Impact, Inc., a 501c3 organization in New York, to create Founders Impact Fund.

Contact us at for more details. Thank you for your kind support.

Media & Industry Watch

AI, Venture and Wealth Creation

Our Media program explores raw, honest, unfiltered and multifaceted conversations about AI, Decentralization and respective impact on our quality of life in the future, aka our Wealth, and how Venture Build with innovations can support us to have a better life.

The questions are – What kinds of Innovations in Work, Finance, Health and Green Living will accelerate our Total Wealth? How our Work, Finance, Health and Green Living will be impacted by the decentralization? How AI will accelerate the progress and is it dangerous to human life?

Entrepreneurship: Hustler, Founder, & Identity

The Future of Entrepreneurship is about Creators, Solopreneurs, Hustler, Founders. Everyone wants to create something belonged to them, so that they can make a difference and make impact with their Self-Identity.

Finance: Wealth, Fraud and Finance Intelligence

The Future of Finance is about innovative financial intelligence, AI-powered solutions to help founders, entrepreneurs, and the mass to increase personal finance, create wealth, prevent frauds and enhance trust with investors.

Health: Food Security, Healthcare & Health Equity

The Future of Health is about accessibility and affordability of food security and healthcare for the mass. Health equity can be achieved when basic needs are available for everyone, especially the underserved.

Green Living: Lifestyle, Green Transition & Sustainability

The Future of Sustainability is to create a safe, secure and sustainable future, such as decarbonized food, honest supply chain, sustainable Farming, smart mobility, new culture of green living and circular economy.


Collective Partners

Venture HUB’s collective partners include Innovators, Industry Experts, Founders, Venture Builders, Operators, Angel Investors, VCs, Financiers, Academics, who are willing to “plug and play”. Our founding committee & mentors support our Entrepreneurs with advice and guidance, mentorship and allyship, expertise and strategy, during their startup journeys. 

Event Activities

Venture HUB’s events are organized by our local communities in different styles, formats and free to join. Contact us for more details. 

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